Belma is amazing! I went in scared and skeptical and am now so happy with my brows! The Royal Brows Studio is super cute, clean and very comforting. Belma had the “bed” warmed up for me before I came in and offered tea or coffee, and even gave me gold infused under eye treatment during the service. She is very conscientious about pain level during the entire process and uses excellent numbing cream throughout which kept me comfortable. She spends a lot of time measuring before the micro blading and then checks in many times to make sure you’re happy with how they look. I had completely forgotten to schedule my six-week touch up, which is included in the overall price, and Belma followed up with me to get me in and was very flexible when I had to reschedule. She takes the time to make sure she’s done a great job and that you’re completely satisfied. After we were done (and I thought my brows looked fabulous) she carefully examined them again and found one more small touch up she wanted to do! Belma is very open to hearing what you like, dislike and what you want, and she’s a total perfectionist, which is what you want when someone is messing with your eyebrows! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Genevieve Davis December 3, 2017

Fantastic experience in a refreshingly warm environment! I found Belma via a Facebook post; after reading reviews across various sites, I decided to make an appointment. She was responsive and got me in sooner than I'd expected. Belma's studio is amazing, beautifully decorated and truly fitting of its name. The treatment bed was warm, she offered music of my choice, and made me feel totally at home. Start to finish, she included all of the fine detail, quality touches! I've had my brows tattooed twice before but it'd been years and they'd faded quite a bit. The prior two artists had done one brow slightly higher than the other (as my brows, are naturally) and I was hoping that, since microblading actually involves measurements, they could be evened out and thickened up. In the past, after tattooing, some pigment has peeled completely off, along with the scabs. Because of skin trauma/ scarring (or sun damage as I have some loss of melanin around my eye area) my brows didn't take all of the microblading so Belma did some microshading as well. Overall, a much more even look and after a few days, I'm not peeling yet so I think this will take better but time will tell. Belma seemed well educated in her industry and took time to explain the pigments, products, and how to best care for my finished brows. I think the aftercare product, she provided with the service, is better than the Aquaphor I've used in the past. Her work was on point, she's professional, and her hospitality made me feel that my money was well spent. I look forward to seeing her again at my touch-up. Highly recommended.

Mariam Greb December 3, 2017

Belma is the real deal. I came in with doing lots of research on microblading. With other microblading artist in the building she works at, I wanted to take my time to go through them all. What stood out was her questionnaire on how to choose a microblading artist. She is Phi Brows trained, certified and licensed. Her price is also amazing for her quality of work.I had a consultation and felt so drawn to her. I knew I was going with her when I got done with my consultation. She answered all the questions I had. She was so welcoming, super friendly and has so much knowledge and confidence in the microblading industry. I felt that showed she cared about her work. I’d have to say she well more than exceeded my expectations. Her studio is super cute, clean and very comfortable. She played good music, and we had great talks. I’d definitely recommend getting your dream eyebrows done by her. I am getting compliments on my brows everyday. And I will for sure be sending my friends to her.

Veronica Elaine December 5, 2017

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your eyebrows microbladed, look no further!!!!! Belma was an absolute pleasure and her studio is comfortable, clean and absolutely charming. She clearly discussed with me in detail the process, the maintenance and healing process. She’s a doll and I truly feel like the lucky one since I have THE PERFECT brows now!

Shannon Walk December 5, 2017

I wish I could give Royal Brow Studio more then 5 Stars! It was amazing i could of cried when my brows were done because i have never felt so pretty! My brows are perfect. First the studio is absolutely adorable and the girls are so nice. They are trained and certified by the best in the world! Amanda and Belma made the few hour appt fly by. You get to lay on a heated cozy bed and they check in on you your entire appt making sure you're doing ok. They have the best techniques and i will be sending all of my friends their way!!! Thank you Royal Brows Studio for my amazing beautiful brows!!!

Brieann B December 6, 2017

I have so many great things to say about Belma! I came in today to get my eyebrows micro-bladed for the very first time. I have always done my eyebrows a certain way and was nervous about having someone work on them. Belma allowed me to draw on my eyebrows the same way that I would do them at home which made me so confident that they would come out the way I wanted them to. Belma was very knowledgeable about what she was doing and very kindly answered any questions I had about the process. I thought it was very cool that she taught me about how the razors she was using worked so that I knew exactly what was happening when she sculpted my eyebrows. There was very minimal pain and once she put the numbing gel on I couldn't feel a thing. Once she finished microblading my brows she suggested that I fill them in a little more with micro shading. Once the microshading was finished I had eyebrows that looked identical to the way I do them at home. There were multiple times that I made recommendations about how I would like my brows done such as adding a sharp point to the ends and filling in certain spots and she never once acted like I was bothering her or annoying her. She was willing to fix every single detail and even put in extra time and effort to make sure that my brows turned out exactly how I wanted them. I can't say that I would trust any one else to touch my eyebrows except for her. I can't wait to see how they look once they are healed!

Kayla S December 8, 2017

I had only heard of microblading/microshading about 1 year ago.  I was really interested in doing it but just hadn't met the right person who I felt comfortable enough to do this.  When I met Belma, there was great chemistry, trust, and respect...  as a new business owner, Belma is very passionate about the client experience, perception, and end result.  She loves what she does and this reflects in her work and desire to make you happy and comfortable.  The eyebrows she helped me regain are best described in two words - GAME CHANGER!  Forget all those eyebrow products you bought- "au natural" through microblading is all you'll need! It's truly helped with my self-esteem and I love Belma 🙂

Jessica M December 8, 2017

Belma is absolutely amazing!! Her work is impressive. She works around my crazy busy schedule and has excellent customer service.
I've had my brows tattooed and I wasn't sure what to expect or if it will even work. She explained everything and made sure I was comfortable. The pain is very minimal. If anything I barely felt it. You will not regret this.
The studio was really clean and there's a ton of parking. I can't wait to come back for my touch up.

May N December 8, 2017

Belma is by far the best in the industry...not only is her work perfection she has wonderful customer service...which a lot of people lac k these if your looking for the perfect brows or a sparkle tooth gems o highly recommend Royal brows studio...

Tara P December 8, 2017

Belma is absolutely amazing, professional and knowledgeable. Her studio is beautiful, clean and inviting. I was scared to do my eyebrows, but she explained the procedure step by step and made me feel very comfortable. She is very precise, takes time to measure eyebrows and do the microblading. She listens and makes sure you are happy with the result. We talked about thickness, color and all my concerns before she started microblading. Before the procedure, my eyebrows were hardly visible and uneven. It would take me at least 10-15 minutes every morning to pencil them and they still wouldn't look right. After the procedure, I felt like I have great real eyebrows.
The whole experience was great. I had coffee, gold mask on my face, calming music in the background. Real spa experience that makes you look and feel happier, younger and more beautiful.

M.D December 8, 2017

Brows on Fleek!!! Belma delivered the perfect experience and brows!!!

Angel B December 8, 2017

Belma is exceptional. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are happy. I just went 10/8/17 to get my touch up and I can't be happier with the results and the price is reasonable.  The studio setting is clean and very relaxing with plenty of parking. If required she will do her best to work around your schedule.  Go and experience the best.

Fahimah V December 8, 2017

Every time I go to royal Brows I am treated like family. I have always been worried about doing anything semi permanent to my face. However Belma made me feel so comfortable and took such great care of me . I would recommend her to anyone looking for Microblading. Especially if you have never done it before she will make your experience so comfortable and relaxing.

Lynn C December 8, 2017

You don't realize how important your eyebrows are until you lose them. That is what happened to me. Belma microbladed my eyebrows and they look absolutely beautiful and natural. It has made such a difference in how I feel and look at myself. Belma was very precise with measurements to be sure my eyebrows were placed correctly. She is very knowledgeable about the pigment as well. I've been telling everyone about Belma!

Linda Jordin December 8, 2017

Incredible experience. I have never had eyebrows and must admit slightly nervous about this entire process. Our consult put me at ease. It was painless! Belma is a highly capable professional with incredible patience and an eye for detail. Relaxing professional atmosphere. Bonus is these new brows make me look younger! Love them!!

Tammy Winslow December 8, 2017

Les recomiendo este lugar belma a se un exelente trabajo con las cejas muy amable Ella el lugar muy lindo y muy limpio asta me puso musica en Espanol mientras trabajaba en mi ceja se los recomiendo.

Rosa Zamgord December 8, 2017

If your thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladed, you should DEFINITELY go to Belma. She has a VERY clean, homey, welcoming area for doing eyebrows and beauty. she took her time on measurements for my brows. and they came out absolutely amazing. I had NO brows. but thanks to Belma and her expertise, I feel so beautiful! Belma is very good at making sure you are comfortable in silence, or she will play music for you. She is also EXTREMELY gorgeous and good people to chat with. GOOD BROWS, GOOD SERVICE. Go see Belma!! She got it!

Haze B December 8, 2017

Belma is the coolest cat ever as well as great at microblading!  I went with my brother to give moral support and ended up with a new friend.  She made my brother and I feel comfortable and the time flew by.  My brother has alopecia and was having confidence issues with just the baldness on his head, but once his eyebrows started falling out he became reclusive.  It was amazing to see the change in him after the procedure! He would go out to dinner instead of ordering grub hub and is hitting the gym more instead of just doing cardio at the house!  Thank you Belma for giving back my brother the confidence he once had!  I'll try to join him again for his next appointment!

Barb G December 9, 2017