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Tattoo Lightening

Most tattoos will appear lighter after one treatment. Most likely you will need a few treatments to see significant results. Some tattoos have been removed with just one or two treatments.  Since there is no way of knowing what type of ink or how much or how deep the ink was put into your skin, and since skin types vary, there is no guarantee on how many treatments will be needed to achieve satisfactory results. Treatments are spaced (4-6 weeks) with enough time in between so that the previous treatment is completely healed after the scabs have fallen off. High quality topical anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

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There are many people out there trying to hide their bad tattoo, embarrassing bad permanent makeup or microblading. If you’re one of these individuals, you’re not alone. Here at Royal Brows Studio, Lynnwood we’re proud to offer a safe and natural solution.

Our tattoo, permanent makeup and microblading removal services feature the world’s first and only hypertonic saline solution, containing no carcinogens or chemicals that have FDA warnings. Don’t destroy your skin with damaging chemicals or lasers! Go with this completely natural technique of creating a superficial, controlled scab, which is our body’s natural way of healing pigment when the scab falls off.

Permanent makeup and microblading removal solution includes the finest sea salt available from around the world, guaranteeing a filtering process that makes the product as pure as possible, with preserved aloe to give the best stability and results.
Why go with the rest when you can have the best tattoo removal product on the market.

  • Saline Method is known to have high levels of efficacy with low pain, skin scarring, and is relatively affordable compared to other methods.
  • The Saline Method works on both old and new tattoos of all colors.
  • Fewer treatments are necessary with the Saline Method than with traditional laser therapies.

Consultation is required first before booking an appointment!
* 30 days of healing required between treatments.

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